Transaction overview

Linnéa Engström

Use of the GEA in EUR

01-07-2017 - 30-09-2017

Rent and related charges0,00
Maintenance and repair of rented premises0,00
Postal charges0,00
Phone bills-1.760,45
Internet subscriptions0,00
Subscription to databases0,00
Costs relating to hosting or domain names0,00
Office supplies, stationery and materials0,00
Purchase of or subscription to books, periodicals, newspapers and electronic newsletters-559,55
Cost of materials and supplies relating to graphic design, formatting, printing, publication or distribution of any printable or publishable material0,00
Cost of foodstuffs and beverages for staff-189,75
Office equipment, including furniture 0,00
IT equipment-372,90
Telephones, mobile phones, fax machines-3.054,39
Standard software-121,00
Hotel and restaurant bills within a Member’s Member State of election0,00
Costs relating to the logistical organisation of events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions or any public meeting organised by the Member-2.444,31
Volunteers travel expenses0,00
Accounting and office bookkeeping not relating to the Parliamentary Assistance Allowance0,00