Transaction overview

Bodil Valero

Use of the GEA in SEK

01-10-2017 - 31-12-2017

Rent and related charges-14.460,00
Maintenance and repair of rented premises0,00
Postal charges0,00
Phone bills-1.786,00
Internet subscriptions-2.134,00
Subscription to databases0,00
Costs relating to hosting or domain names0,00
Office supplies, stationery and materials0,00
Purchase of or subscription to books, periodicals, newspapers and electronic newsletters-14.040,00
Cost of materials and supplies relating to graphic design, formatting, printing, publication or distribution of any printable or publishable material2.912,25
Cost of foodstuffs and beverages for staff0,00
Office equipment, including furniture 0,00
IT equipment0,00
Telephones, mobile phones, fax machines0,00
Standard software0,00
Hotel and restaurant bills within a Member’s Member State of election0,00
Costs relating to the logistical organisation of events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions or any public meeting organised by the Member0,00
Volunteers travel expenses0,00
Accounting and office bookkeeping not relating to the Parliamentary Assistance Allowance-1,50